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Who We Are

Sevan Point is a strategic joint venture between Sevan Multi-Site Solutions and Trophy Point Construction Services & Consulting, two leaders in delivering innovative pre-construction, program management and construction services:


  • Trophy Point Construction Services & Consulting possesses unmatched expertise in pre-construction and construction, including cost estimating, scheduling, construction management, and construction consulting. Trophy Point has a proven track record of helping government agencies and owners plan and initiate construction projects more intelligently, execute more efficiently, and manage total life cycle operations more effectively.


  • Sevan Multi-Site Solutions delivers end-to-end execution powered by a team of 500 professionals with a national and international presence. Starting with breakthrough capabilities to collect, organize and analyze site data, Sevan delivers highly accurate survey data for smarter decision-making, a perfect complement to Trophy Point’s pre-construction strengths. Sevan’s turnkey capabilities then extend throughout the entire lifecycle—from design (A&E) to program management to construction services to facility management. All phases are informed by Sevan’s leading-edge technology and data analytics that enable owners to make ROI decisions based on data, not hunches.


The Sevan-Trophy Point joint venture is executed under a formally recognized Mentor-Protégé relationship. This partnership allows the collective team to pursue and execute restricted project opportunities. At the same time, it supports the protégé in growing expertise and capabilities.


Our designation as a veteran-owned business offers a number of advantages to our governmental clients. And we actively support veterans by providing them opportunities to reach their potential in the private sector through mentorship, teaching, continuous learning and ongoing client engagement.


The combined team of Trophy Point Construction Services & Consulting and Sevan Multi-Site Solutions provides Sevan Point with powerful capabilities:

  • ​Architectural licenses in 50 States

  • 27 architects

  • 22 PE state licenses

  • 24 engineers 

  • GC licenses in 17 states 

  • Qualified Agent in 14 states

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