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Our Values

Mission First

When we commit to a deadline, we meet it. When we commit to a unique deliverable format, we provide it. We understand that our individual successes reflect positively upon the organization and our individual failures reflect negatively upon the organization. We "Drive On" to honor our commitments.


We are dedicated to fostering the proper attitudes toward safety and for ensuring that all operations are performed with the utmost regard for the safety and health of all involved. Team members are responsible for their wholehearted, genuine cooperation and compliance with all rules and regulations, and for continuously practicing safety while performing their duties.


We are committed to sustaining people, the environment, and our clients' businesses. As we work across a diverse nation, we always consider our impact upon the world in which we live. We embrace the three pillars of sustainability in our long-term planning and our daily work: People (Social), Planet (Environmental), and Profit (Economic). Our goal is to make noticeable, positive impacts in the communities in which we live and serve:


We are fair and open with everybody. We do not walk past what is wrong or unsafe. We keep our promises. We recognize everyone for doing the right thing, like respecting others.


We care about how our actions affect others and the wider environment. We treat everyone equally and embrace difference. We encourage everyone to achieve their maximum potential and appreciate the skills and abilities of others.


We care about the well-being of our fellow employees and clients and do what we can as individuals and an organization to demonstrate this. We listen to each other and share knowledge willingly. We combine our expertise willingly. We work at creating excellent relationships. We act as if we are part of the bigger picture, which promotes overall excellence.


 We believe that you should enjoy working with us and we should enjoy working with you. To enable this, we go to great lengths to understand your expectations of us and how we can best meet them from one project to the next.


We embrace honesty and openness. We believe in being forthright and transparent with our clients, contractors, vendors and partners. When everyone knows the goals, game plan, and score, we all win. 


We go the extra mile to deliver. We do not tolerate underperformance in ourselves or others. We do not compromise on safety or quality. We constantly look for innovative and creative solutions in business.

In addition to our Core Values, Sevan Point embraces the following guiding principles:

  • Agility

  • Predictability

  • Responsibility

  • Creativity

  • Flexibility

  • Consistency

  • Use of Technology / Data Analysis

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