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Company Designators

Company Designators


236210 Industrial Building Construction

236220 Commercial and Institutional Building Construction

541310 Architectural Services

541330 Engineering Services

541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services


Z200 Repair or Alteration of Structures and Facilities






The Sevan Point Joint Venture provides a one-stop shop for all phases of design, planning, and construction for clients.  The synergies created by joining the institutional knowledge and survey, design (A&E), pre-construction, and construction capabilities of Sevan Multi-Site Solutions, LLC and Trophy Point, LLC is unrivaled in the industry. 


Furthermore, the execution of this Joint Venture under a formally recognized Mentor-Protégé relationship enables the collective team to pursue and execute restricted project opportunities. Beyond this, clients working with Sevan Point can be assured that the work being executed in support of their projects is backed by a joint team of over 500 employees who are responsive in the same manner as a small business. 


With the mentorship of Sevan Multi-Site Solutions, LLC over Trophy Point, LLC, clients can also be assured that Trophy Point’s well-established and high quality approach to pre-construction and construction services can be translated to larger scales for more complex projects and higher volumes.

Finally, you can feel good about working with Sevan Point, a veteran-owned business. We pride ourselves on giving veterans the opportunity to reach their potential in the private sector through mentorship, teaching, continuous learning and ongoing client engagement. The advantages of working with a veteran-owned business:

  • Prior vetting by government agencies

  • Reduced administrative and contracting time for faster awards

  • Reduction in contract protests

  • Stackable and targeted bids are permitted

  • Positive image and marketing opportunities

  • Veteran-owned companies have a record of top performance, integrity, stability and exceptional track records  

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