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Surveys & Assessments

Sevan Point offers cutting-edge survey, assessment, and data capture solutions delivered by our highly-trained field force. To date, our in-house techs have surveyed more than 170 million square feet in all 50 states as well as in international locales.


By capturing precise site data, our survey and assessment teams make it easy for planners, designers, estimators, schedulers, program managers, and construction managers to evaluate unlimited “what if” scenarios. This delivers important financial and operational benefits:


  • Better planning for faster ROI

  • More precise, effective budgeting

  • Faster, smoother execution

  • Reduced errors and cost overruns

  • Full visibility for all stakeholders

  • Intuitive reporting that is easy to use and understand


Sevan Point’s survey and assessment teams customize data collection and presentation to cost-effectively address the specific needs of our clients:


  • 24/7 video monitoring

  • 360° Virtual Tours

  • ADA compliance

  • As-built surveys

  • Completion QA/QC

  • Customer and third-party data integration

  • Drone surveys

  • Equipment vendor specs

  • Facility, site and equipment assessments

  • Field CAD drawings

  • Point Cloud 3D scans

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