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As healthcare business models continue to evolve, the design and construction of facilities is shifting in response. For example, many providers are expanding their facilities networks into more localized markets with urgent care centers and microhospitals. Also, established hospitals are redesigning spaces for increased flexibility with modular construction and plug-and-play technology assets.

At Sevan Point, we continue to respond to these trends by offering solutions designed to exactly match our clients’ needs for functional, efficient and healing spaces for their patients and staff.


Sevan Point offers construction services for all types of healthcare facilities including:


  • Urban, Suburban and Rural Hospitals

  • Urgent Care Clinics

  • Physical Therapy Providers

  • Imaging Centers

  • Mental Health Facilities

  • Research Institutions

  • University Clinics

  • Emergency Response Stations

  • Military Healthcare Facilities

  • Long-Term Acute Care Centers

  • Pharmacies

  • Surgery Centers

  • Senior Care

  • Patient Hotels

  • Life Flight Outposts

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