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Jim Evans, Executive Vice President

Jim is a strong client advocate and mentor with the acumen to attract and inspire great people.  The vision for success is developed in partnership with other leaders and team members of the business. His passion is to lead a team focused first on satisfaction of team members, recognizing that this will lead to client satisfaction and shareholder value.


As President & CEO of Sevan Multi-Site Solutions, one of the partners in the Sevan Point joint venture, Jim is a proven force multiplier, beginning with his time in Army Special Forces and continuing into his business career. He is blessed with an ability to attract and retain great people to work with him.

Due to Jim’s personal involvement in business development endeavors, he and his teams have served marquee customers such as 7-Eleven, BP, McDonalds, ModSpace, and Walgreens.

Jim led Sevan’s effort to employ cutting-edge technology and cross-functional teams that inform the entire program management process. Consequently, Sevan has quickly emerged as a leader in multi-site surveys, design, program management and construction services. He is responsible for bringing Sevan’s game-changing capabilities to augment Trophy Point’s contributions in the Sevan Point joint venture.

Jim is an engineering graduate from the US Military Academy at West Point. He also acquired an MBA in Finance from Duke University following his service in the Army Special Forces.


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