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Technology & Data Analytics

The leading-edge technology and data analytics solutions delivered by the Sevan Point team enable government agencies and owners to improve capital planning, streamline construction, and simplify their facility management operations. Here’s how:

  • Mobile app-based surveys provide highly-accurate site data quickly and cost-effectively.

  • 360-degree Virtual Tours provide unprecedented visibility into built environments.

  • Laser scans deliver precise point cloud models that accelerate development of 3D Building Information Models (BIM). 

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning reveal trends, find correlations and enhance analysis and capital planning.

  • "Digital twins" of built environments make it easy to revise floor plans or change decor and visualize the changes by walking through a virtual reality model. 

  • Customized dashboards, flexible reporting and multiple output formats support faster, data-driven decisions and predictive capital planning.

The result? Managers can anticipate the future and make smarter capital decisions without fear of blind spots or knowledge gaps. They can adapt to changing conditions more rapidly by making adjustments in the virtual world and reduce costs, avoid construction delays, and maximize ROI. 

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